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Dungeon Warfare Free Download PC Game

Dungeon Warfare Free Download PC Game

Dungeon Warfare game download for free in full version. Dungeon Warfare Free Download through direct link and highly compressed. Dungeon Warfare Free Download full version.

Dungeon Warfare Free Download PC Game

Dungeon Warfare Free Download PC Game

Dungeon Warfare Free Download PC Game

Information about Dungeon Warfare:

Dungeon Warfare is a fantastic video game which has awesome graphics. Its story is very much interesting and very highly recommended game since couple of period. There are bundle of features in this game which are never added in this type of games. This game is very much addictive and players forget everything while playing. Even appetite. That’s a great game in the history of games. You must play it once.

Download Dungeon Warfare game for free. Dungeon Warfare Free Download which is fully tested and working. We have provided this game in highly compressed form. So that everyone can download it in short time. It is working game and is tested by our team. Download links are working. Download Dungeon Warfare game via direct link and full version. Free Download Dungeon Warfare pc game. Complete downloading and install game using recommended settings. Also share with friends. Click below given download button to start download.

Dungeon Warfare is a challenging tower defense strategy game where you become a dungeon lord to defend your dungeons with deadliest of traps and insidious contraptions against greedy adventurers and wanna-be heroes.Dungeon Warfare Free Download PC Game

As you successfully purify your dungeons throughout the world from the pesky invaders, you will gain access to more powerful traps and devious utilities. Gain experience from killing the invaders to permanently upgrade your traps.

Launch a huge rolling boulder to crush everything on its path.
Reroute enemy path towards a busy minecart track to smash the invaders away.
Strategically place traps with enormous physical force to mercilessly push them into pitch black abyss.
Gather a force of your own by installing summoning portals to instigate a chaotic brawl.

Dungeon Warfare is currently in Alpha which means the game is playable, but still in development. Play and participate in the development by voicing your opinions on the game.

You like Tower-Defense? And you liked “Orcs must die!”? Then you’ll love “Dungeon Warfare”.
It’s basically OMD without Orcs but with the usual fantasy-dudes.

Sometimes very challenging at first, at least if you want to “3-Star” every map from the start, which
gets slightly easier the more traps you unlock and the more gems you’ve earned. Sometimes
you’ll just lack the more fitting trap for some maps.

And even if you’ve 8-runed (each rune adds another difficulty like faster/harder/tougher mobs etc) all maps with 3 stars, you’re not done. There’s a very nice and
easy editor to make your own maps. In not 1 hour i’ve put together a very nice map with lots
of rounds that was actually fun to play. You can also publish your map right from the game.

But…early access?Dungeon Warfare Free Download PC Game
This is by far the most complete, balanced and bugfree Alpha i’ve played in a while. I have
not much doubt the dev will deliver a fully polished product.
But even if he’d stop right now, i would not feel scammed, as it was a lot of fun for not much bucks :-)

The good:
Free placement of traps, no stupid fixed points (which are usually favoured by the lazy devs because it’s easier to balance)
Thanks to barricades: Mazing!Dungeon Warfare Free Download PC Game
Nice soundtrack (so far) and fitting SFX. Kicking mobs into a pit is very satisfying, even after 100 of them :-)
Many more or less different enemies, each with its own strength and weakness
All the usual OMD-traps and some more, all upgradeable
ONE godly power you’ll choose before a map. Like traps, spawns or a general recharge-reduction…
Zoom-out-function for the quick overview
You’ll earn gems for which you can make traps better/cheaper/faster. Like the skulls in OMD
You’re leveling. Each levelup yields some gems and more importantly it raises starting gold for each map!Dungeon Warfare Free Download PC Game
Good balancing, considering it’s still alpha, has leveling and upgradeable traps! No easy job to balance this. You’ll need an asian for that ,-)
A nice, friendly and dedicated dev who even publicly posts his email.
A “re-setup” button after the first retry of a map. Never setup your traps manually all over again just because you’ve failed :)Dungeon Warfare Free Download PC Game
Even though it’s 2D you’ll never loose the overview. Even when it gets hectic.
3-Star-System (none reached portal etc.) and on top of that: 8 runes you can activate that makes maps harder. Restrict traps, make mobs tougher/faster/more aggressive, increases cooldown etc.
Easy to use editor included. Make your own maps!

The bad:
The sounds can become a bit annoying after some hundred dead troops :-)
AI seems even dumber than the orcs. If, e.g., mobs have the choice of 3 roads to take, they always choose the shortest way. Which means they choose the heavily trapped way instead of those free roads.
Totally no story at all (yet). I personally don’t care, but some may very well care.

The ugly:

Recommended? YES! Definately a pearl that needs more attention!

Do you want a fast paced, bloody game where you build towers to defend your dungeon? Of course you do; buy this game and start enjoying killing all the king’s horses and all the king’s men

How to install:

  • Click download now button to start download.
  • Run downloaded exe file.
  • Accept all the offers, then continue to install this game.
  • Run game.
  • Enjoy playing for free on pc and also share with other friedns.


  • Awesome with couple of latest features.
  • Wonderful graphics quality which makes it more better.
  • Characters are complete modified and are very attractive.
  • Easily controlled by basic buttons.
  • Exciting gameplay.

System Requirements for Dungeon Warfare:

  • OS: Windows XP, 7 and Windows 8.
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Processor: Intel Dual core or higher.
  • Free Space: 3 GB

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